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Gain easy access to the insights and data to drive forward technology transformation and make cloud work for your business.

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What is Clevr360?

An innovative platform designed to help you maximise value from your Cloud IT & Communication investments. Clevr360 consolidates and enhances data from leading cloud vendors all in one place, giving you single view of your entire technology estate and better control over your cloud IT solutions. 

Use accurate, up-to-date insights to drive forward your technology transformation roadmap.

Exclusively available for free to all CloudClevr customers – for a limited time only.

Supporting your cloud transformation


Connect Clevr360 & Run Easy Audits

Clevr360 integrates with your services, securely providing data for rapid and remote audits of your technology.


Define Roadmap with expert guidance from CloudClevr

Leverage data to pinpoint areas for improvement. Our teams will recommend next steps and support your journey.


Implement your roadmap. Track progress and ROI

Tech practices will help implement the required tech based on your roadmap; Clevr360 tracks and measures your ROI. 

A Single Unified Hub

Single Unified Hub Clevr360 – report, audit, roadmap and migration

Smart Insights for Smarter Decisions

Gain Greater Visibility and Optimisation

Uncover hidden licences and eliminate overspending. Track renewal dates diligently. Weed out device redundancies to streamline your estate.

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Enhance Technology Adoption and Productivity

Ensure every tech capability is maximised. Keep a close eye on meeting rooms and hardware efficiency. Hit your rollout targets with precision.

Customer Experience at CloudClevr, cloud comms and IT

Get Stronger Control and Governance

Effortlessly manage Teams. Monitor cloud storage consumption and SharePoint activity. Say goodbye to uncharted communication territories.

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Improve Security and Assurance

Implement Microsoft MFA effectively. Identify and neutralise unlicensed intruders. Keep a vigilant eye on shared mailboxes and external access. Proactively address suspicious activities.

Agile Operations

“Clevr360 from CloudClevr gives me a window into our Microsoft 365 estate, pulling all the important data and insights we need into a single-pane-of-glass view. Saving me time and effort that would otherwise be needed hunting through Microsoft portals to find hidden information.

The first thing Clevr360 highlighted was that around 15% of my Microsoft 365 licences had not been signed in to for more than six months! For the size of our business, that is roughly 100 licences I can re-use or remove. And this is only from Clevr360.”

Explore Clevr360 features

With a wealth of analytics and insights from integrated cloud vendors, Clevr360 assists you in fine-tuning your tech estate. Paving the way for cost savings, increased productivity, and enhanced performance.

With the ability to make data-driven decisions, Clevr360 guides you through the intricacies of your cloud landscape, providing valuable insights on how the CloudClevr portfolio can be tailored to achieve your specific goals and drive transformation forward effectively. 

Keep informed about crucial events and report availability with Clevr360, ensuring you stay up-to-date. Enabling you to take proactive measures in managing business risks effectively.

Proactively helps you manage compliance, performance & security. Clevr360 gives you seamless reporting so you can provide essential updates with ease.

Clevr360 provides a simplified process to view key data for connected services​. Creating personalised experience for users.

Removes the need to import users for each connected service​. Data views are kept up to date through automated updates. Consolidating information at a user level across multiple services.

Helps you identify trends across multiple connected services​. Saving invaluable time for teams collecting and analysing data​ and simplifying the visualisation of service data for better clarity.

Clevr360 intelligently highlights data trends across services, teams and users​. Saving invaluable time and identifying unknown conditions present across your technology estate.

Consolidates inventory data across multiple service environments so you can proactively optimise license usage, so you can reduce costs.

Helps maximise your return of technology investments​. Clevr360 assist teams in identifying users who may benefit from additional training.

Help organisations visualise team and user engagement across connected services, making it easier to proactively manage employee satisfaction and wellbeing.

Delivers consolidated view of baseline security across connected services. Identifies security posture for an IT estate with industry benchmarking​. Helping to reduce business risk and improve overall security compliance.

Who is Clevr360 for?

IT Directors/Managers

Clevr360 simplifies IT management by efficiently tracking an entire IT estate in one single view. Making it easier to monitor new service adoption and ensuring baseline security compliance across multiple services.

CEO/People Managers

Clevr360 is a valuable tool for CEOs and People teams, aiding in evaluating ROI for cloud services and hardware. Clevr360 makes it easier to track team engagement and performance, whilst also easing the workload for the IT teams and allowing a focus on strategic goals.

Finance Managers

Clevr360 provides key insights into IT spend and empowers financial teams to optimise budgets, while also relieving the IT team’s workload for enhanced operational efficiency.

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Clevr360 FAQs

What is Clevr360?

Clevr360 is innovative cloud software developed by CloudClevr made available to customers as part of an on-going technology partnership. It transforms the experience for IT leaders in helping them optimise their technology estate as well as helping organisations deliver against their overall business goals. Clevr360 consolidates and enhances data from multiple vendors and technologies under a single view, delivering an extensive range of analytics and smart insights, to provide unrivalled visibility across a technology estate. This enterprise grade software is designed to help organisations who are adopting Cloud IT & Communications maximise business value from their technology investment.

Which services does Clevr360 integrate with?

Clevr360 integrates with Microsoft 365 and RingCentral services with other systems such including Mitel, Avaya, O2, Cisco and others in progress to be supported.

Is Clevr360 secure?

Yes. Clevr360 has been designed and built with an inherent level of security controls and principles from conception. It leverages the latest technologies available from Microsoft Azure to enable the most stringent of security controls to be implemented. Further information regarding Clevr360 security can be provided upon request.

How can I get access to Clevr360?

If you are an existing customer of one of our operating companies (NGC Networks, 4Sight Communications or Bamboo Technology), please contact your account manager who will be able to arrange access. If you are not an existing customer of CloudClevr or one of our operating companies, please send us a request via our online form and someone will be in touch.

Case Study

Lamb Brooks Solicitors was in an IT hole. Their system was poorly configured and ageing, while the company providing IT support wasn’t pulling its weight. It was time to call in CloudClevr.

We moved Lamb Brooks onto the latest solutions, including Microsoft Office 365, enabling users to take advantage of voice and instant messaging. We built a team of four engineers to provide dedicated IT support, including a full-time on-site support engineer.

Today, Lamb Brooks benefits from a robust and secure IT infrastructure – and the business is flourishing. What’s more, CloudClevr delivered the integration project on time and on budget, with zero downtime for end users.

All in all, a great success.

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