Understanding National Stop Sell

The world of telecommunications is constantly evolving. One of the most significant changes to hit the UK broadband industry is the introduction of the WLR3 National Stop Sell (WLR3 Switch Off is also known as – PSTN Switch Off, Move to All IP, All IP Migration).

In this blog post, we’ll delve into what WLR3 is, why it’s being implemented, and what it means for broadband services across the UK.

What is WLR3?

WLR3, or Wholesale Line Rental 3, is a telecommunications industry term that refers to the latest iteration of the Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) product. WLR is a service offered by Openreach, the infrastructure division of BT Group, which allows telecommunications providers (known as Communication Providers or CPs) to access Openreach’s copper and fibre-optic lines to provide broadband and phone services to their customers.

WLR3 represents a transition from the traditional analogue copper network to a more modern and digital infrastructure. This shift is part of a broader effort by the UK government to upgrade the country’s telecommunications infrastructure and prepare for the future.

Why National Stop Sell?

The National Stop Sell is a strategic move by Openreach to accelerate the transition to WLR3 and phase out older services. This transition is essential for several reasons:

  • Future-Proofing
  • IP Migration
  • Environmental Impact

How will the restrictions of Stop Sell be implemented?

  • Openreach have applied Stop sell restrictions on groups (known as Tranches) of Exchanges that have more than 75% availability of FTTP – this is known as FTTP Priority Stop sell. Many exchanges are already under these restrictions.
  • National Stop sell – all WLR3 products Nationally will be under Stop sell restrictions.

When does the National Stop Sell kick in?

As of the 5th of September, both the National Stop sell and FTTP Priority Stop sell will be in place and all WLR3 lines will be under the restrictions stated below, if they aren’t already:

  • No new WLR3 products can be purchased.
  • No CP transfers can take place.
  • No modification changes can be made to lines.
  • No start of stopped lines can take place.
  • Where new services are required, Fibre products must be purchased.

The WLR3 National Stop Sell represents a significant milestone in the UK’s telecommunications industry. While it may require some adjustments and changes for all involved, the transition to WLR3 promises better broadband and phone services, improved reliability, and a more sustainable future.

If you have any further questions about the WLR3 Switch Off or would like to talk about how we can support you with your telecoms or IT services, get in touch.

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