Moving your mobile provider – it’s easier than you think!

Have you been putting up with unsatisfactory service or pricing because you can’t face the potential hassle of moving networks or providers? Let us reassure you that moving your mobile is easier than you might think. But first we want to show you that we get it;

1. Understanding your challenges

We already know that managing provision of mobile software, hardware and airtime can be tricky, we’ve been doing it for over twenty years. We’re familiar with the challenges of senior executive network preferences, we know that you might be meeting manager reluctance to effect change and we’ve heard ‘we’ve always done it this way’ time and time again.

We can help you overcome your hurdles by alleviating those pain points with device management solutions, multi network offerings, fully managed change processes all provided by people who want to work with you.

2. Beating the enormity of mobile network operator service

Many decision makers often consider that working directly with the networks or a similar sized provider will make change projects, daily servicing and monthly reporting easier. ‘Networks care about market share and will want to work hard to be flexible and keep my valuable business’ is something we hear a lot, but the reality is different. Major networks and partners are enormous machines with thousands of workers who can’t be familiar with your business needs. All too often they are unable to take a small, yet just as business-critical request from a smaller company and push it through.

However, with a service provider the size of Bamboo, you benefit from the same access to the network to make the changes a network can make, but quicker. You have SLAs that work around you, not around the network ‘machine’. Your time spent developing a relationship to understand your priorities is valued and appreciated, for the long term.

3. When service goes off plan

Some might tell you that mobile connectivity is a true service commodity now – faultless networks with thousands of cell sites that never go down, coverage blackspots a thing of the past with network sharing and tariff changes that always go through within a matter of hours. As you will know, mobile connectivity nirvana is not yet here. Better coverage, more cell sites and constantly advancing data capability means mobile is always moving forward. An evolving service means constant change and with that you should expect connectivity and service blips.

What matters most is that when it doesn’t work properly, your support team is there for you, particularly as it always happens to your senior people! We know how it is dealt with is really the key. Service providers have the same access to cell site information and coverage maps as the networks do.

Our relationship with the network is important too. Whilst we can manage nearly everything through our own network access, our heritage in mobile and 20+ years long relationship with the network means we have long standing relationships with the best network advisors when we need them.

4. Commercial flexibility

Favourable commercials are often the draw with recognised brands. What you might not know is that the networks fully support their service provider partners with commercial parity providing you with a choice accredited supplier because they know that service providers are needed to help service the SME market.

Whilst we can mirror many direct commercials and offer additional financing options, the beauty of our arrangement is that we can also create bespoke tariffs before and during the contract term. As the commercials, systems and services are ours to play with, we can be much more flexible in our approach to your commercial needs. Our customers cover a wide range of business sizes and industries too and we know that one size does not fit all.

5. People, pride and portals

It is simple – our team love to speak to people so you will rarely hear a queueing system when you call us. If we could send our service team to meet you first, we would! Our service account managers have been chosen because providing a great service is second nature to them and they take a huge amount of pride in keeping you happy. Thus, they make us proud.

With our expert knowledge we can also adjust, integrate or develop our own portal, namely- ‘Your Portal’ – to work with yours. Using Your Portal means that you, yourself can view the usage of mobile across the company, individual teams and individual users, but you can also manage them from there too – if you want to. Your level of self service is a decision for you.

If managing your mobile through us is starting to appeal but you’re still thinking about the hassle that might be involved in changing providers, then call us to talk it through.

Companies often imagine obstacles when it comes to reviewing mobile contracts and can end up renewing with their current provider to go down the path of the least resistance. Remember, changing provider doesn’t always mean moving network. Whatever you decide, lacklustre service should be a thing of the past.

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