IT Migrations

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When you’re looking to upgrade your IT systems, migrating your data from old to new can feel like a real pain. What if you lose something? What if you forget a file? What if it’s unsecure?

Our experienced engineers will take care of everything for you, giving you complete peace of mind that your migration has gone smoothly and everything will be exactly where you expect to find it.

There are many different reasons why you might want to migrate your IT systems, and we can help with all of them. Our team are experts in IT migration and can scale as needed to suit the size of your business. Every job comes with a dedicated project manager, ensuring everything is taken care of and all your questions are answered.

IT Migrations

How can we help?

You’ve got the data, we’ve got the knowledge on how to move it.

Operating systems

Updating your operating system doesn’t have to be stressful. We’ll get you updated effortlessly, making sure your data is kept safe along every step of the way. We’ll even help you navigate things once the system is live.


Hardware upgrades

When you decide to move to a new computer or server, we’ll be by your side to get all your data and software where it needs to be.

Moving to the cloud

Cloud storage makes upgrading and downgrading easy, and takes away the worry of backing things up as everything is already stored remotely. As our name suggests, we’re big fans of the cloud, and can help get your business online in no time.


Start migrating

Why CloudClevr?

Ready to start moving data? We’re ready to help. Get in touch to see how seamless we can make your IT migration, and before you know it your data will be secure in its new home.

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Curated best-in-class technology

Our carefully curated, world-class communications solutions boost collaboration, productivity and customer satisfaction. We tailor our solutions to your specific needs, so you can scale and flex as your organisation evolves.

Trusted Advisors. Not Suppliers

Outcome driven technology.

We work with you to understand your real needs not what we want to sell. Our technology audit and consultative approach ensures you get the outcomes and value you set out to achieve.  

Clevr360 - Smart Insights and Analytics

Clevr360 - Smart Insights and Analytics

The CloudClevr Digital Hub delivers powerful reporting capabilities and smart insights. Its simple dashboard tracks key performance metrics, giving you complete visibility into the data that matters. Now you can make informed decisions faster, maximise ROI and stay competitive – today and in the future.

Case Study

Lamb Brooks Solicitors was in an IT hole. Their system was poorly configured and ageing, while the company providing IT support wasn’t pulling its weight. It was time to call in CloudClevr.

We moved Lamb Brooks onto the latest solutions, including Microsoft Office 365, enabling users to take advantage of voice and instant messaging. We built a team of four engineers to provide dedicated IT support, including a full-time on-site support engineer.

Today, Lamb Brooks benefits from a robust and secure IT infrastructure – and the business is flourishing. What’s more, CloudClevr delivered the integration project on time and on budget, with zero downtime for end users.

All in all, a great success.

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