Microsoft Copilot: 5 key differentiators to improve the way you work

One of the many benefits of Microsoft products is the cohesion it brings to its different services. By weaving together different tools as part of Microsoft 365, users can collaborate seamlessly across their technologies.

Though standalone AI services are making great progress, Microsoft has embedded AI into Microsoft 365, creating Copilot, improving user productivity and transforming the way they work today. Here we look at the top five ways Microsoft Copilot will benefit users and organisations alike over other AI solutions such as ChatGPT.

Seamless integration provides ambient AI

Many AI services are great but rely on the user directly interacting with a specific purpose. But any solution will have a greater success when it’s blended into users’ everyday processes. 

Rather than something new, or a distraction to their normal workflow, AI will already be there. By being part of all the Microsoft 365 applications they already use, the learning curve to pick up Copilot won’t really be a learning curve at all. They won’t need to think of use cases, it’ll just be improving what they do every day.



1. A tailored experience for each product

What you want to achieve in Outlook vs Excel is very different, and accordingly, Copilot puts on its different hats to tailor the user experience. 

With Excel, it’ll try to help you analyse data and answer questions. “Show only non-project expenses” or “Insights for net amount” might be issues to tackle in Excel. 

Whereas in Outlook it could be asking Copilot to paraphrase some text, to summarise it – or even proofread it with suggestions. PowerPoint meanwhile may blend the best of textual help along with design assistance.

A word document showing how to create content with Copilot

2. It adheres to existing data protection

As it stands, there’s no security around public AI services like ChatGPT. This has led to companies and government departments such as the Department for Work for Pensions banning the use of ChatGPT.

But with Copilot, it adheres to the information access restrictions within a tenant and works with Microsoft Purview sensitivity labels to protect documents, ensuring that sensitive information is safeguarded. Document access reflects the individual user’s permissions levels and users that previously had just viewer permissions will explicitly need to be granted permission to copy and extract content.

3. Advanced AI capabilities

Microsoft continues to expand its relationship with OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, meaning it is well-placed to benefit from the fruits of advancement in ChatGPT and place it at the front of the queue for improvements in Copilot. It was already bringing GPT-4 to its users while the mainstream public version was still 3.5, and last month moved to GPT-4 Turbo as its main model providing faster, more reliable responses.

4. Better access to the internet for up-to-date results

While ChatGPT is improving in this regard, Copilot has had better internet access to provide more up-to-date results. Combined with integration with Bing, it provides Copilot the ability to draw upon live data for its answers vs ChatGPT which has a cut-off date of its knowledge (currently April 2023) for the free model. Some believe that Copilot is also better at knowing when to use its own knowledge vs hitting the internet to research its answers. This helps ensure that a response is accurate.

5. DALL-E Image Generation included for free

A historic problem with programmes like PowerPoint is images. Users either resort to stock photography at a cost or (as most users would do) take to the internet to use an image. The issue is that they are likely breaking copyright and often the images are of poor or inconsistent quality. Not anymore. With DALL-E plugged directly into PowerPoint and other Microsoft applications, users can generate images for their documents.

AI still needs good HI: human intelligence

The powerful benefits Copilot can bring to your organisation are clear. But to get the best, you also need to work with the best.

CloudClevr is a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and we know how to get the best out of Microsoft Copilot by building a strategic roadmap.

We can help ensure you have the relevant licencing to ensure you are both compliant but also not overspending – as too many companies waste money on their software licences.

We also want you to make the most of Copilot safely. While Copilot offers many security benefits over public GPT solutions, it still relies on having security and governance in place. We can assess and help you manage any security risks as this powerful tool is brought to your users.

To find out more about how CloudClevr can support you with Copilot, contact us today. 

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