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Unleashing the Power of Cloud with Clevr360

When accelerating digital transformation, moving to the cloud is no longer an option but a necessity. But with this transition comes a new set of challenges that can hinder your business’s growth and success. Are your cloud and technology investments delivering the outcomes you imagined? Are you optimising your IT spend effectively? And do you have a comprehensive strategy to ensure the security of your data and importantly how to identify and manage risks?


The Challenge of Adoption

You’ve invested time, money, and effort in your cloud technology and migration to transform your business. But the key to unlocking the benefits lies in the adoption and utilisation of these technologies. Without widespread usage, your transformation remains incomplete and it’s questionable whether it is delivering the true value you were looking for. To help ensure your team embraces these new tools, you need easily accessible data to point you to where improvements may be needed or training might be of benefit .


Securing Your Digital Estate

One of the greatest cyber risks is inside the business. User error remains a significant contributor to data breaches. The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) reported that 90% of cyber data breaches in 2022 were caused by user error.

So how can you safeguard your data and react swiftly to potential breaches?


Mastering IT Cost Optimisation

Moving to the cloud makes your IT spend more efficiently by being flexible and scalable. But if you don’t keep track of what you have and how you use it, you’ll never gain those benefits.

Unused licences are often a big drain on budgets, but with potentially hundreds of cloud solutions in your organisation’s stack, how do you keep track of it all?

You need big-picture data on how many licences you have in your tech stack. Then, you need to drill down further to discover whether all licences are assigned, all assigned licences are being used, and if there’s any duplication across your estate.


Meet Clevr360 – Your Comprehensive Cloud Solution

Clevr360 by CloudClevr – is a ground breaking solution designed to make your life easier by tackling these challenges head on. Clevr360 provides you with real-time insights into your software stack all in a single view, irrespective of the vendor, through intuitive dashboards accessible from desktop or mobile devices.


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Key Features of Clevr360:

Usage Analytics: Track assigned licences, active licences, and identify over-assigned licences.

Adoption Metrics: Gain visibility into adoption levels across individual services.

Productivity Insights: Monitor team and individual working metrics, such as emails sent and calls made.

Security Compliance: Ensure adherence to basic security best practices, including Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) status.


Smart Insights with Clevr360:

Go beyond the basics by drilling down into each metric with Clevr360 Smart Insights. View all the information you need on every cloud subscription in your organisation on one screen, including status, numbers of licences, assigned licences, and auto-renew status.


Are You Ready to Streamline Your Digital Transformation?

Let Clevr360 by CloudClevr maximise the outcomes from digital transformation, delivering the data you need to drive adoption, effectively manage security and optimise costs.

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