CloudClevr launches Clevr360: Providing critical data to help solve cloud challenges

With cloud spending set to continue increasing in 2024, insightful, vendor-agnostic data will allow businesses to better manage cloud solutions and measure the benefits more clearly.

London UK 14th February 2024.

Today, next-generation Managed Service Provider, CloudClevr has launched Clevr360, innovative cloud software designed to help businesses overcome some of the key cloud challenges and barriers facing them.

Leading analyst firm, Gartner, has predicted that spending on cloud computing will reach $679 billion in 2024. This is up from $536.6 billion in 2023 and highlights the ongoing and increasing need for cloud solutions. Indeed, as one Gartner analyst, Sid Nag said “Cloud has become essentially indispensable.”

Therefore, making the right decisions about the deployment of cloud products will be crucial, across all of your cloud subscriptions. Clevr360 will allow clients to make better data-driven decisions, deliver technology more efficiently and gain better control over their cloud and communications solutions as Rob Smith, CTO at CloudClevr explains.

“As more companies move to the cloud they are being presented with new challenges. There is a danger of thinking that you need to move to the cloud in order not to fall behind. However, not understanding the solution or keeping control of whether the solutions you have implemented are working optimally, means that you can quickly lose control. Clevr360 will give you access to the right data across multiple technologies and services, allowing you to see where problems might lie before they cause real issues as well as identifying areas where employees might need some personalised training.

“Another of the key factors to consider when moving to the cloud is security. Cybercriminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their approach but will always target the path of least resistance. More often or not this is usually the employee. Again, Clevr360 is designed to provide IT teams and executives with the insight they need to ensure that any vulnerabilities are closed before they can be taken advantage of by a bad actor.

“Finally, any IT investment needs to be continually monitored. One of the key benefits of moving to the cloud is the fact that your IT spend can become more efficient by being more scalable and flexible. However, one of the key financial drains once you are in the cloud are unused, inactive or even over-assigned licences. However, with many cloud solutions in your organisation’s stack, keeping track of it all is nearly impossible.

“Clevr360 allows you to gain a ‘big-picture’ on how many licences or hardware assets you hold, how many are assigned and being used and what might be able to be reused elsewhere or even removed. We know that businesses of all sizes are now moving to the cloud and need help managing all aspects from migration to day-to-day management. Clevr360 is designed to do exactly that, taking the pain out of adopting cloud services at scale and allowing you to enjoy the undoubted benefits of migrating,” Smith concluded.

Clevr360 analytics and smart insights give you visibility of your software and hardware stack regardless of vendor including:

Usage: Track assigned licences, active licences, over-assigned licences and hardware

Adoption: View adoption levels across individual services

Productivity: View team and individual working metrics (e.g. emails sent, calls made)

Security: Ensure basic security best practice and compliance, as well as ongoing assurance

When combined with the technology expertise from CloudClevr’s three tech practices, cloud transformation and migration against a clear, measurable roadmap is now within reach of businesses of all sizes.

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About CloudClevr

CloudClevr is a cloud-based software business focused on the growing convergence of cloud, communications, and IT managed services. Through delivering an exceptional customer experience, deep technical expertise, and curated technology services, CloudClevr is creating a leading next-generation converged managed services provider.

CloudClevr is a new venture, with the majority investment coming from Rigby Technology Investments (RTI), the specialist investment business which is part of Rigby Group PLC.

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